Popping Up trailer

Popping Up!
Directed by Beth Ferreira
Camera & editing: Max Basch
Soundtrack: Renato Cohen

Some call it lowbrow.  Others call it pop.  The truth is that today’s art is definitely burying prejudices, and simultaneously getting closer to the common man.  Art has never been so open and democratic.

Filmed in February and March of 2014 in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, “Popping Up” showcases interviews and works from artists Ron English, Kenny Scharf, Tara McPherson and Frank Kozik, among others, as well as gallery owners Jonathan LeVine and Matt Kennedy (La Luz de Jesus).

The documentary portrays the revolution in art today through the movement which is building an alternative route to the elitist circuit of museums and galleries.  This diverse universe that comprises lowbrow, pop surrealism and street art is rebuilding concepts in today’s art and conquering ever more space in the culture of the Western world.

Through the most diverse forms such as painting, engraving, and graffiti, as well as sculpture and objects, the artists of today speak directly to the public.  Their works evoke automatic identification through an aesthetic which is less hermetic, and creates parallels that are less elitist than institutionalized art.

The lines that divide conceptual and pop are becoming blurred.  “Popping Up!” paints an insightful picture of the most popular art movements of the moment, proving that today’s art is integrated into everyday life and can be experienced in many types of spaces outside of museums and galleries.

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