Popping Up! is available for rent on the internet
British art film platform is licensed to show the documentary

For those who were wondering “when can I finally see the Popping Up! documentary?”, the news is good. The film is available on the ArtBrowser TV art film platform and can be rented worldwide, no region restriction.

ArtBrowser TV platform is a streaming channel aimed at art lovers. Winner of the British Innovative UK competition, ABTV was launched in 2020 with a focus on the visual arts community. On the platform you can watch movies for free or rent. The selection of titles is the result of a very thorough curation.

Some call it lowbrow, others call it pop, the truth is current art is definitely burying the precepts of modern art, while getting closer to the common man. Art has never been so open as it is right now.

Popping Up! portrays the revolution in art today through a movement that has been running around the edges, building an alternative path to the elite circuit of museums and galleries.

Popping Up! was filmed in the United States and has interviews with lowbrow artists, graffiti artists, toy art designers and gallery owners specializing in these movements.

Ron English, Kenny Scharf, Laurie Lipton, Frank Kozik, Tara McPherson and gallery owner Jonathan Levine are some of those interviewed. The program also shows a lot of street art captured in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco, in addition to Art Basel, in Miami.

Through the most diverse forms such as painting, engraving, graffiti and other types of street interventions, as well as sculptures, clothing and various, single or multiple objects, today’s artists speak directly to the public, evoking automatic identification through a lesser aesthetic. hermetic and creating a parallel circuit less elitist than that of institutionalized art in museums and galleries. The lines that separate conceptual and pop art are increasingly blurred.