Tecnofrutos is a production house from Brazil founded in 1993. Digital content, TV and institutional videos, event production and online journalism.


TV director and journalist Beth Ferreira produced and directed art documentary “Popping Up!”. The film aired  on channels Arte 1 and Curta!, in Brazil.  Recorded in N.York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, Popping Up shows interviews and artworks by artists such as Ron English, Kenny Scharf, Tara McPherson, Winston Smith, Skinner and Frank Kozik among many others, as well as gallery owners such as Jonathan LeVine and Matt Kennedy (La Luz de Jesus).

Beth Ferreira has been working in art and entertainment since mid-1980s. Her first video was a documentary about the Rio de Janeiro poetry group Os Camaleões, by journalists Pedro Bial, Claufe Rodrigues and Luiz Petry. In the late 1980s she lived in N.York where she studied TV production and direction at the New School For Social Research and did an internship at The Kitchen, a reference in performance and video art. There she had the opportunity to work with the 1983 Oscar-winning Polish director of animation, Zbig Rybczynski.

She produced a Brazilian video art show at The Kitchen in 1988. Back in Brazil she worked with Hans Donner as a technical consultant for the opening of the soap opera Tieta. She produced video clips and experiments, including Rio em Cápsulas, shown on MTV do Brasil and selected for presentation at the Golden Prague TV Festival in 1991.

Since then, she has been producing events with renowned DJs and writing for several Brazilian publications. In 1992 she released documentary “Technodream”, about electronic music in Germany and Brazil. The documentary was selected for the 1992 Locarno Festival where it was shown at Cyber ​​Letter program. In Brazil “Technodream” was presented at TV Cultura and at several events and parties, among them the DJ Connection, promoting DJs exchange between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In this event, established DJs from each city played for the first time in the neighboring state and the party also received foreign DJs like the British Mark Tabberner.

In 1996, she interviewed the intellectual Jaron Lanier in N.York on an article that was broadcast on the program Globosat News TV, now GNT. The article was also published in the newspaper O Globo. Jaron Lanier is a pioneer of Virtual Reality and digital culture intellectual technology. In 2010 he was nominated by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

From 1997 to 2001 she edited the cultural guide Cidade Virtual Rio de Janeiro on the ZAZ / Terra portal. She created the Bits da Madrugada column that debuted in the guide Virtual City Rio de Janeiro chronicling the nightlife in the city. In 1999 this column became a website hosted on the Terra portal. From 2001 until today, she edits the Bitsmag cultural portal that was created to expand the range of subjects dealt with in the Bits da Madrugada column that exists today within Bitsmag.

In the 00’s, she launched Bits Sessions, a CD collection with the best of electronic music in Brazil. Bits Sessions is also the name of the official party of the Bitsmag website. Like the DJ Connection of the 90s, Bits Sessions promotes the exchange of night culture at parties that take place in São Paulo, Rio or Belo Horizonte in the most interesting clubs in these cities and with the presence of DJs such as Faze Action, Renato Cohen, Eduardo Corelli , JR Mahr, Azad Rizvi and many others, Brazilians and foreigners.

In 2008 she became an art collector and produced the toy art customization contest and exhibition, Batalha de Toys. In 2013 she directed and produced the travel web series Planeta Exótico and in 2014 and 2015 the documentary “Popping Up!”